24 Octobre 2013

BBA: The Supreme Court has today confirmed that the Banks' unarranged overdraft charges are an important part of current account services + New BBA report - Beyond Boundaries: how to drive regulatory coherence + Summary of Business Conditions

17 octobre 2013 / 23 octobre 2013

New BBA report - Beyond Boundaries: how to drive regulatory coherence

The BBA today publishes a new report which calls for a more coordinated global system of regulation for the banking industry.

The regulatory regime governing the world's financial markets is rightly being fundamentally recast in response to the financial crisis. The changes have been far-reaching and profound. Led by the G20, policymakers have shown a desire and willingness to coordinate their actions to reflect the fact that global markets are now more seamless than ever before.

Five years on from the recognition of the need for a coordinated response to the financial crisis, this report uses three case studies to examine if the ambition of a coherent global regulatory framework has been achieved and explores the consequences that inconsistent regulation can have for banks and their customers.


Banks need a level playing field from international regulators

written by Sir Nigel Wicks on 17/10/2013

British Bankers' Association says divergent regulatory approaches in international financial markets are hard to justify and urges clear priorities for a fairer framework.


BBA comment on Bank of England Agents' Summary of Business Conditions


Commenting on the Bank of England's Agents' Summary of Business Conditions, the BBA's Chief Economist, Richard Woolhouse said:

"This report confirms that banks are supporting the recovery by providing businesses with the finance they need.  Crucially, demand for credit from companies across the UK is increasing.

"New BBA figures show the biggest monthly increase in net business borrowing since 2009, and the Bank of England has also reported double digit increases in new lending to SMEs.

"Borrowing costs for businesses continue to fall, in part due to the Funding for Lending scheme. There has seldom been a better time for companies to apply to their bank for credit



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