10 Novembre 2014

ESMA consults on revised EMIR standards on the reporting to trade repositories

10 novembre 2014

The European
Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has today published a consultation
paper on the revision of the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) and
implementing technical standards (ITS) in relation to the European Market
Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).  The ESMA RTS/ ITS deal with the
obligation of counterparties' and CCP's   to report to trade
repositories. Since the entry into force of the RTS and ITS, ESMA has worked on
ensuring their consistent application. The practical implementation of EMIR
reporting showed some shortcomings and highlighted particular instances for
improvements so that the EMIR reports better fulfil their objectives.

ESMA revised
standards propose to clarify the interpretation of the data fields needed for
the reporting to trade repositories and the most appropriate way of populating

ESMA will
consider stakeholder's feedback to the proposed revised standards by 13
February 2015.

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