13 Décembre 2013

Finance firms welcome EU plan for bank bail-ins

13 décembre 2013

Overall, the finance industry has warmly received an EU plan for dealing with troubled banks and avoiding taxpayer rescues. "This agreement is a crucial step that will address the issue of 'too big to fail' and provide the authorities with the powers to ensure that all banks in Europe can, when required, be resolved in an orderly manner without resorting to taxpayer bailouts," AFME CEO Simon Lewis said. "It also provides welcome clarity as to the framework for resolution and promotes a consistent approach across the EU." However, credit-market experts say the plan could make it difficult for lenders to fund themselves. City A.M. (London) (13 Dec.), The Times (London) (subscription required) (13 Dec.), Reuters (12 Dec.)
Finance firms welcome EU plan for bank bail-ins

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