29 Juin 2012

T2S benefits: much more than fee reductions

Le 29 juin 2012

BCE - T2S Special Series | Issue No 1 | June 2012

Author: Ben Weller, European Central Bank (ECB)

The T2S single settlement platform will have a transformational effect on Europe's financial markets, delivering a wide range of benefits.

For the first time, it will create an integrated market for settlement. It will also make markets safer and more efficient.

Much attention has been focused so far on the efficiency gains achieved from reductions in settlement costs, but it is important to emphasise

that T2S will also generate major collateral savings for the banks, enable custodians to streamline their back offices, and provide new business

opportunities for all players in the future competitive post-trade environment.

Furthermore, T2S will play a significant role in strengthening the resilience and safety of the financial system.




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