29 Août 2012

Veille Volcker Rule

Le 29 août 2012 Final Volcker rule expected by year-end - Treasury official

Aug 21 (Reuters)

U.S. regulators plan to unveil a final version of the Volcker rule by the year-end, a Treasury official said, and banks will have to start complying with some parts of the rule soon after that.
The Volcker rule, which limits big banks' ability to place market bets with their own money, is one of the most hotly debated elements of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law.
The Treasury Department is coordinating a group of five regulators writing the Volcker rule, whose implementation is now a month past its initial deadline.

Spooked by Glass-Steagall's ghost?
By Mark Roe  -  25.08.2012

The separation of commercial and investment banks is a distraction in the debate about reform of the financial system.
The United States' long-controversial Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which separated deposit-taking commercial banks from securities-trading investment banks in the US, is back in the news. This separation long symbolised the US's unusual history of bank regulation - probably the most unusual in the developed world.  
American banking regulation had long kept US banks small and local (unable to branch across state lines), unlike their European and Japanese equivalents, while limiting their operational capacity (by barring banks from mixing commercial and investment banking). These limits on American banking persisted until the 1990s, when Congress repealed most of this regulatory structure. Now the idea of a new Glass-Steagall is back, and not only in the US.

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